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You did it!

You took the first big step in moving towards your health and fitness goals!

Thank you for choosing me as your coach! I am more than excited that you have decided to make a big change in your life to improve yourself!

Welcome to your onboarding week. I don't want you to get overwhelmed with too much information, so this is your "week 0" to get familiar with the fitness app and set yourself up for success when you start your program next week! This onboarding process will also be assigned as a "program" in the app, but please refer here for the guide. 


For this week, you will:

  1. Read information on the program

  2. Complete your vision board

  3. Log nutrition in the app for 3 days

  4. Complete 2 workouts

  5. Plan meals/workouts for your first week

As always, I'm here for you! Don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Make sure you joined the Facebook client group and follow me on Instagram for extra tips and motivation!

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  • Instagram


Read Important Program Information

1. Make sure to download and read your welcome packet here.

This has all the info about the coaching program and expectations.

2. If you haven't watched the Fitness App Walkthrough Video, you can view that here:


  1. Upload progress photos and measurements

  2. Log your nutrition today

  3. Complete your Vision Board

The Vision Board is part of the mindset worksheets. This will be used throughout the program.

Download the mindset packet here:


Go to "update metrics" and record your measurements.

**NOTE: don't measure your neck, measure your love-handle area instead (center the tape measure with your belly button) and enter that number for "neck"


Progress Photos:

Go to "progress photos". Upload/take your 3 progress photos (front, side, back). Wear a sports bra and shorts or 2-piece swimsuit. I know this can be hard and you might have some resistance to doing this, but it really is so important for tracking your progress. Your future self will be glad you did it!

**NOTE: Make sure everything is the same when you update new progress pics each month - same clothes, same poses, same distance, same lighting/background.


  1. Log your Core Activation workout (watch the 8 minute tutorial video first)

  2. Log your nutrition for today


  1. Go to "files" in the app, and download your meal plan

  2. Download the "Weekly Planning Workbook" so you can start learning how to plan your weeks for the most success!

  3. Log your nutrition for today


  1. Log your Full Body Circuit workout

  2. PLAN: Create your meal plan and workout plan for next week.

[Use the planning workbook]


Hopefully this week went smoothly for you!

Make sure you completed your planning so you're all set for your first week.

Complete the Monday check-in on the Facebook group to let me know how this week went!

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